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Prevent Dental Implant Failure with SilverPlug

Prevent Dental Implant Failure with SilverPlug

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 Prevent Implant failure with SilverPlug® 

Bacteria control around the implant is key to the success and prevention of Peri-implantitis; gingival and bone issues surrounding the implant.The gap between the implant and the abutment/restoration makes possible bacterial/biofilm build up leading to infection. Micro-movement of the abutment in the implant creates additional suction drawing in biofilm/bacteria.

SilverPlug® is a Class IIA medical device made of a polymer containing SILVER ZEOLITE, a natural antibacterial. SilverPlug® does not release any silver in the body. SilverPlug®, by contact, drastically reduces the percentage of anaerobic bacteria inside the implant tunnel, which result one of the most pathogenic causes of peri-implantitis. The reduction of bacterial contamination inside the implant, preserves surrounding soft tissue from inflammatory processes and helps reducing the risk of the insurgence of peri-implantitis and or potential failure.

There are 20 Individually sealed SilverPlug Cones per Box

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